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Beginners (aka newbies, newbs, noobs, etc.) are people who are either completely new or at least somewhat new to consistent intelligent weight training. Exactly what that means will vary slightly depending on who you ask, but in my opinion, I’d consider a beginner to be anyone who has been weight training for LESS than 6 months. And again, that is 6 consistent months of intelligent weight training. Meaning, evem if you’ve been weight training in some pointlessly inconsistent on-and-off format for the last 20 years. Aslo if you HAVE been weight training consistently for a long time but you’ve been doing it in some incorrect and/or absolutely horrible way that caused your results to be nearly or completely nonexistent. If you haven’t been following some kind of intelligently designed weight training practice (that actually produced some amount of positive results) for at least the last 6 months consistently, you are most likely a beginner, at least for a short amount of time.

Becoming the best Version of You

Healthy living for beginners is as simple as it gets. At this level your objective is to develop an understanding of how you can become a better version of yourself. That involves looking in the mirror, not for the reflection of what you see, but for the reflection of how you feel. It may be scary upon reflection. But what’s great about that is the challenge to change the reflection. Becoming a better version of yourself is all about constantly learning about yourself. It's becoming mindful about what is present, having perspective and being aware of your choices. At this level, becoming better is understanding how you change mentally, physically and emotionally and how you can adapt to these changes. It's understanding that being fit isn't about what how you look, but more importantly, it's about how you feel. We all heard of that old adage "practice makes you perfect". News Flash, practice does not make you perfect, practice makes you better. When you practice the mindset is not about perfection, it's about building your confidence. Confidence is the number one objective of becoming better. It can be built in may ways, from your practice, through visualization and the mindset you maintain. Becoming a better version of yourself requires gaining self-awareness. Self-awareness is the first element of Heathly Living. Without self-awareness, its easy to get caught up chasing artifical methods of Healthy Living rather than becoming the healthy best version of yourself. Explore with an open mind and curious mind and let go of pre-conceived notions.


With all of that out of the way, you’re finally ready to begin putting the best practice routine together for you. The next step? Finding your ideal exercise frequency. If you're used to moving around and have some basic knowledge of cardio and strength training, this is a great place for you! Here you'll take a more structured approach to your practice routine. The following resources will help you get started: Beginners Guide to Fitness. This resource center provides all the basics about creating and structuring a complete exercise program. It's a great place to visit even if you aren't a beginner just to remind yourself of the basics. These routines designed to help you get with strength training, cardio and eating healthy. Start here if you want a practice routine already made up for you but keep in mind it isn't one-size fits all...modify where you need to

Beginners Practices

Busier than you

  • Am I Beginner?
    Am I Beginner?
    How To Tell If You’re A Beginner

  • The Right Gym
    The Right Gym
    There are many gyms out there. So how do you choose the right one?

  • The Gym
    The Gym
    Just joined a gym? Don't feel overwhelmed. We're here to help!

  • Strength Training
    Strength Training
    Strength training is vital when it comes to losing weight and changing your body

  • Weight lifting Room
    Weight lifting Room
    Free weights verses machines...What's the difference?

  • Fitness Assessment
    Fitness Assessment

    Performing a Fitness Assesment is vital before beginning a workout program. 

Manage Your Energy

Creating Synergy

Creating Synergy

Time is a limited resource, but personal energy is renewable. By adopting simple rituals that can help you regularly replenish you energy, you can create physical, emotional, and mental resilience. 

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