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Intergrative Fitness

The mind-body guide to improve the physical, but a real need to be progressive about the whole body-mind experience.
Integrated training refers to a training program that combines various forms of exercise together into a single program. An example of an integrated training program is one that includes flexibility, core work, balance training, resistance training, and cardiorespiratory exercises together into a single workout session or routine.

The MIND - BODY Practice

There’s lots of talk about maximizing mental and physical fitness by making "the body-mind connection".  Mental, physical and emotional self-care practices are all part of what is known as integrative fitness. It is the movement towards a holistic-centered approach to health, fitness and wellness with the primary objective of treating whole person not just a pattern of symptoms.  The principle philosophy of Intergrative fitness is that each person represents a unique, complex, and interwoven set of influences that affect the inherent functionality of that individual. Each of these influences must be managed to achieve wellness. Integrative fitness is a great path to achieve of optimal holistic wellness. Fitness is no longer limited to the physical part of our beings. The physical elements must become fully integrated with the mental and emotional elements if we are to function properly.  While seeking get to most out of life, our habits and routines we form wear down the body. Eventually, the things you once enjoyed becomes more challenging. Envision a different path, where everything that matters to you is aligned and in simetre.

The Mind - Body Healing Process

Healing is a continuous, lifelong process in which we are constantly and dynamically responding to physical, psychosocial, emotional, nutritional and physiological challenges. Our bodies adapt to support everything we do. How we move guides our internal healing and growth systems. Movement is the information our body uses to decide where and how it will direct its resources. Here’s the secret to realizing better health and fitness: Change the habits that are inconsistent with what you want for yourself to behaviors that align with the life you expect. We’re exercising every waking minute of our lives. Consequently, how we move, eat, think – and even sleep – have a much larger impact on our health than what we do in the gym, or run, or play. Integrative Fitness can help you discover the hidden gym inside your body, one that never stops working and find the most balanced opportunities for physical growth and personal development.  Integrative Fitness Training enables your body to change and develop as you go through your normal daily activities. IFT is a means to access your physical ability in ways that minimize the effects of our convenience overloaded environment that unfortunately leads to dormant behavior. It is a systematic process that works on your whole body and mindset. You can feel energetic, look fabulous, and be the healthiest and fittest version of yourself, and it starts with becoming kenetic educated.


    Because each person experiences their body differently. First, We want to develop an understanding how and why you move the way you do. Once we figure out the strategies that have become your habits, we can evaluate how effective these are at serving your needs and goals. That way the adjustments we strive for are appropriate and focused. Our path of action considers the many factors that influence your time, energy, and internal resources. We ask: “What opportunities, guidance, and efforts would best help you become the healthiest and fittest version of yourself?” Our recommendations may include a combination of our integrative programs, efforts at home and work, and/or coordination with other health professionals.
    Over time our bodies compensate for problems—that is, develop habits that exert wear and tear—which limits our ability to do the things we want or need to do, in the way we’d like to do them. Once you understand how the body compensates, and you become adept at using the tools inside of you, you’ll redirect how your body functions and develops. The moving body engages a large network of nerves, muscles, bones, and fascia to make three essential body systems work cooperatively. The Integrative Fitness Method shows you how to use these three systems correctly.
    A basic level of fitness is critically important to your health. A healthy person performs normal daily activities without compensating for deficiencies in coordination, endurance, strength, or quickness.  The Integrative Fitness Technique maps out an individualized, effective sequence to build basic physical skills so that anyone can develop a comprehensive movement foundation. Our learning progressions were created as a lead-in to any high level activities you may want to pursue. As you master these fundamental movement skills, your body will develop resilience to injury and compensation.
    1. The lumbo-pelvic (core)  made up of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and hip musculoskeletal structures. 2. Kinetic chain made up of nerves, muscles, and joints  3. Shoulder complex made up of three bones, the large bone in the upper arm is called the humerus. The shoulder blade is called the scapula and the collarbone is called the clavicle.
    Conditioning for personal fitness is important and should be done in ways that prepare you for the activities you love. When you get this right, other objectives like weight loss, building muscle, and shaping the body take care of themselves. Building on foundational movement skills, you are going to explore a variety of whole body movements. Adding load, volume, and speed will accelerate your conditioning and further establish your brand-new good movement habits.You can expect your new levels of physical resilience to be expressed as: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Quickness, Speed, Power, Adaptability.
    Getting exercise as recreation and while you go about your usual work has many more benefits than trudging away mindlessly on the proverbial “hamster wheel.” When you exercise, you are developing mastery. It is helpful to remember that practice makes you better; so ask yourself, “What would I like to be good at? "What do I enjoy practicing?” Some people prefer to engage in just one area, while others like to mix it up. What’s important is how your practice engages your entire body, mind, and emotional self. Mastery is even more fun when you integrate your skills with those of other people. You can get together to go hiking, cycling, or rowing. You might play on teams for volleyball, basketball, or soccer. Or maybe you prefer the movement arts, like dance, gymnastics, or martial arts. Because you now have intentional control of your movements, starting with a comprehensive foundation, you can participate in a variety of enjoyable activities, while getting all the exercise your body needs.


Good health means connecting the physical, mental, and emotional parts of you. This method to exercise helps you do just that and provides you with hot-body benefits on your journey.

Core Training

A fusion of exercises combined with meditation is a 360-degree method to Integrative Fitness - treats the whole you, physical, mental and emotional. And more important, it's an approach that works for life.

Cardiorespiratory Exercises

An integrative approach means considering how all the dots connect; which means being intentional and mindful about your practice.

Balance Training

Engaging and training the mind-body being to achieve optimal body-mind performance has become your challenge.

Resistance Training

Before beginning your practice, set an intention for your practice. Visualize the results you want to manifest and after your practice end with deep relaxation and myofascial release.

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