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Healthy Living for Intermediates

Moving On Up!

If you HAVE been weight training consistently and intelligently for the last 6 months or more, then you most likely qualify to advance to the intermediate level. Congratulations. You've made a great start and are on your way to reaching your goals, but perhaps you need some ideas for new practice routines and new ways to challenge yourself. Be mindful that, at intermediate level, you may also find yourself hitting a plateau on your journey. This is normal! You can find resources for coaching you through the many potentional issues at the intermediate level. Such as, finding inspiraton, maintaining self-motivation, fitting your practice routine into an active schedule and busting through plateaus.   Be realistic about what your Healthy Living experience level. Everyone likes to think they are more advanced than they truly are. That’s just a recipe for disaster 100% of the time. Healthy Living for Advanced level only work well for people who truly are advanced. You wouldn’t see an advanced person using a beginner program (for the same reason: beginner programs only work best for beginners), so you shouldn’t see it the other way around either. Practice routines are designed for specific experience levels for a reason. They take into account everything that does and does not work at that point so that you end up doing everything in the way that is going to work best for you at that exact point in your training experience. Use a practice routine that is tailor made for your exact training experience level.  

Practice Make You Better!

At this level, you grasped the concept of understanding of how you can become a better version of yourself and begin to develop best practices on how practice makes you better to guide you through the path of Healthy Living for Intermediates. Be mindful of the process to get the results you want. Healthly living is a journey; let go of end goal and focus on the process. Unlike beginners level, who all typically tend to benefit most from the same type of basic beginner practice routines regardless of their specific goals, practice routines for intermediate level can SIGNIFICANTLY vary depending on exactly what you are looking to get out of weight training. For example, a routine designed exactly for strength or performance is completely different than a practice routine designed for building muscle and looking good. Therefore, there really are no true guidelines that should ALWAYS stand for all intermediate practice routines because there are numerous individual variables that come into play. Conversely, there are a few guidelines that are usually common in most cases, because they are what usually works best at the intermediate level: Moderate frequency. Each muscle group/movement pattern should typically be trained to some degree between once every 3rd and 5th day. Moderate volume. Most larger muscle groups should usually get between 60-120 reps per week total, and most smaller muscle groups should usually get about half that.


Well, first you must learn how to create the most effective practice routine possible, and most importantly you must learn how to create the ideal diet plan to support it. Below are some recommendations for what we consider to be the most highly proven/effective practice routines for intermediate which you can either learn from, modify to fit your goals or, better yet, just use as. Healthy Living for Life!

Intermediate Practices

Busier than you

What you don't know

  • Get Out of Your Rut
    Get Out of Your Rut
    How to change your strength training practices

    Read More

  • Weight Loss
    Weight Loss
    Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus. Almost everyone reaches a weight loss plateau at some point in their fitness lives.
  • Staying Motivated
    Staying Motivated
    Motivation is the most important aspect of your practice and,is usually the hardest thing to come by
  • Avoiding Plateaus
    Avoiding Plateaus
    Plateaus happen to all of us, simply because our bodies will adapt to any practice routine over time
  • Overtraining
    As a Intermidate exerciser, you may not even be thinking about overtraining

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