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Our Story

Healthy Living. Best Version of You. Moving Forward.


Simetre [sim-i-tree] is a fitness and health community created for people to become a better version of themselves through Healthy Living. It's your source for health-related articles, community support, nutrition, weight loss, strenght training and more. Our goal is to inspire you to make positive changes and live a healthy lifestyle.  We want to educate and inspire you on how to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare you to be healthier, practice exercising properly, cook healthier, and consistently improve your health and quality of life. We are NOT fitness experts or even play one on TV. We are dedicated to not just fitness but for healthly living, and operate this site not from the perspective of a fitness experts, but from normal people down in the trenches with you.

Our Values

Our philosophy is based on what we like to call the three dimensions of Healthy Living. the Physical, the Mental and the Emotional. Our health suffers from the imbalance because most of the time we focus on one dimension, but we live in three. Simetre is designed to create balance amongst these dimensions (as they are every changing) and assist you in your journey towards Healthy Living. We want you to be Aesthetically Pleasing Proportionately!


The mission of Simetre is to promote healthly living by providing a community-based platform that support and inspire sustainable health and well-being.

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