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The Physical

The idea here is to do something to improve the physical state of your body. Your body needs sleep. It needs healthy food (but not too much). It needs to move around and stretch. If you don’t give your body these things, it’s eventually going to fail, much like an automobile when you ignore the maintenance schedule. If you do give your body those things, it’s far less likely to break down on you. We are not claiming to be experts about what’s best for your body, just to be your guide your journey to be the healthiest and fittest version of yourself. There are lots of different ideas out there about what’s best for your body and we encourage you to find your own answers in that regard.

The Social/Emotional

We choose to put these together in the same category because how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others are highly interdependent . When I’m feeling down on myself, I often lower the amount of contact I have with other people, which may actually be connected to those lower feelings. On the other hand, when I’m feeling happy, my levels of social interaction go way up. Is there a real connection there? I don’t know, but I do know that I generally feel best when surrounded by people I care about and people who I know care about me.

The Mental

Your mind needs exercise just as your body does. Just like your body, your mind gets stuck on certain tracks depending on the nature of your life. There are certain decisions you make and problems you solve all the time and they become easier, but when you face other kinds of problems, they’re quite difficult. A flexible mind should be able to handle almost everything life throws at it. The focus of your mental practice is threefold – learning, creativity, and problem solving. The purpose of a daily practice is simple: it’s all about devoting some time each day to putting your mind, body, and soul in a better place. When you do that, you make it much easier for yourself to blaze a better path in all avenues of life – professionally, personally, financially, socially, and so on. Find a daily practice that works for you – even if it’s a simple one that only takes a few minutes per day. Whatever you choose to do, chances are that it will improve you in some vital way. What does developing a daily practice have to do with becoming the best version of you? Everything!

Do You Need A Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Workout Routine? Before you can get into the specifics of putting your workout routine together, you need to figure out what your weight training experience level is. The reason this needs to be known beforehand is because there are many differences between the 3 experience levels in terms of what you are capable of doing AND what will work best for you. 

  • Beginners

    Are recommended to use a beginner workout routine in order to get their best results.

  • Intermediates

    Are recommended to an intermediate workout routine in order to get their best results.

  • Advanced

    Are recommended to use an advanced workout routine in order to get their best results.

So, the next logical question is, what the hell are you? A beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee? Let’s find out…

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Exercise of the Month




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Training consistently and intelligently for the last 6 months or more

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Fitness is Always Relative to Something

Your health and fitness success is always relative to your weight, genetics, goals, type of training, etc. When being healthly and fit become your daily practice, don’t envision yourself as either a failure or success. Instead, view your progress on the scale of success. So everyone version of success will clearly be different from the next person. Always remember its about becoming the healthiest and fittest version of yourself. Not anyone else! The keys are to keep your progress in perspective relative to your situation and be realistic with your goals as you begin to see progress.


Push-ups have been around for over a hundred years and were mostly practiced by the soldiers as soon as the World War 2. Push-ups are now from the initial pursuits all of us to find out, then again quickly overlook.  Push-ups work efficiently with in the chest area, Triceps, Shoulder muscles, as well as Ab muscles. 


There seems to be to get lots of different variations of push-ups. I am just going to name a handful the following, but if anyone searches you will be able to find a lot more.


Start on your arms and knees. Arranged hands palm trees upon a floor right under your shoulders. Lengthen the hip and legs away using your foot collectively plus your feet holding the bottom. Keep your body while directly as you possibly can. Flex your arm and now little by little slide downwards and then up until the torso is near the floor next test their boundaries upwards. This is a standard push-up. This physical exercises both upper body along with your triceps muscles.

Wide grip

It can be similar to a normal push-up besides you progress your palm out there larger with compared to the shoulder distant an important part. Now the larger grasp does apply more efforts applied on your current chest muscles groups slightly less onto your biceps.


Here is the identical to a typical push-up other than you tend to be sitting on a product raising these people up and running. Greater you rise the lower limbs of your body, it will raise more of your body-weight. The more raised push-ups the more it is going to adjust the main objective for your higher chest together along with your shoulders.


Bring your hands as well as set them with each other so you are list fingertips and the thumbs variety diamond jewelry. (This can be known as the heart to center push-up since your arms create an inverted heart). Possess the hands and arms instantly below the chest plus place your feet roughly neck breadth apart. These are going certainly strike your current arms a lot more as compared to your own chest muscles

  • Target Heart Rate (THR)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Percent (BFP)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Caloric Usage
  • Summary
Target Heart Rate Calculator

Maximize the benefits of cardiovascular activity when you exercise in the zone of your target heart rate (THR).

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Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

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Body Fat Calculator

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Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation.

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Caloric Usage Calculator

Calculate your total energy expenditure in calories using your calculated BMR.

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Health Summary

This is your calculated health summary.

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