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Mindfulness is a flexible and unbiased state of mind where you are open and curious about what is present, have perspective, and are aware of choices. Its awareness without criticism or judgement. It is a form of meditation that helps you recognize and cope with your emotions and physical sensations. How is it that food and eating have become such a common source of unhappiness? And why has it occurred in a country with an abundance of food? The primary reason for our imbalance with food and eating is that we have forgotten how to be present as we eat. The problem is not in the food. The problem lies in our mind. The our lack of awareness of the messages coming in from our body. Mindful eating helps us learn to hear what our body is telling us about hunger and satisfaction. It helps us become aware of who in the body/heart/mind complex is hungry, and how and what is best to nourish it. Mindful eating is natural, interesting, fun, and inexpensive.

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Enjoy the Experience

You don't need to follow the mind diet to be thoughtful about eating. The premise of mindfulness eating is that we eat with attention and awareness, It's really the opposite of mindless eating. With mindful eating, there are no good or bad foods. But you're aware of how much you eat, and you eat food with intention. You're tasting it, You are noticing its flavor. You're noticing if it's satisfying or not. Over time, excess food starts to fall away, and people who need to lose weight discover they're consuming fewer calories. Mindfulness actually incorporates a little meditation – but it takes less than a minute

Understanding Mindful Eating?

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Fundamentally, mindful eating involves:


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